A New Chapter In This Book

I want to make a point, as I begin this new blog, that “relocating” to a new blog was a choice I made mainly because I had max-ed out on how many pictures wordpress would allow on the previous blog. It was coincidence that at this same time my life has shifted drastically, as I am no longer living in Kenya now, and since June have been fitting pieces together in order to figure out what is next.

This Blog, “Ubiquitous Kenya”, will allow me to share with you what is continuing to happen in Kenya as a result of the two years that I worked with children and artists around the slums of Nairobi. This blog will tell you snippets of my own life, yet focus on how my life and Kenya will be forever intertwined as I attempt to keep one foot in one continent and one in the other and try not to split in half!

Kenya is not a closed book to me, but instead a part of me that will conitnue to surface in different forms throughout my life. Kenya should also not be a closed book for you. After having “journeyed through Kenya” with me for such a long time you may have a deeper tie to this East AFrican country than you did previously.

I hope that when someone mentions “Kenya” you think some of the following…

  • “Oh yeah, thats in Africa!”
  • “Kenya is beautiful. Not all desert, but with lakes, mountains, animals,  forests, advancing cities,and tropical coast.”
  • “In Kenya they speak English like me.” (plus swahili!)
  • “Kenyan people are generous, hospitable, optimistic, smart people who have extremely positive outlooks and deep determination in the midst of hard conditions.”
  • “Kenyans worship the same God I worship, just with a little more movement.”


Lastly, I hope when someone says “Kenya” a face comes to mind, whether it is Sabina (my 9 year old student in Mathare), Grace (my friend with her 2 children), Moses (who runs a children’s ministry in the slums), or Shem (my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years) or many others who have been part of my life and of the stories I have shared with you.

So please keep looking at this blog an d continue to personalize Kenya and familiarize yourself with what is happening in that part of the world!


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