Photos Spelling Words

For a few years now there has been something brewing in my mind. As I travel I enjoy finding letters in the most peculiar objects surrounding me and taking photos of them. As this collection grows I will then arrange letters to spell various words and frame the collection of 3-5 images. These projects are meaningful because of the word spelled and the subject matters that make up the word. Initially I just did this for fun. However, now my mind has turned towards helping Kenyans sell products that will assist them in life goals and group community projects. A few friends in Nairobi Kenya have formed ministries in the community, however they are unable to raise money for the projects they would like to see happen. Others are lacking school fees.

This led me back around to the photography idea. That if people in Kenya took photos that formed letters and sent me the images, could I not print them and sell them? This would take time, energy, borrowing a camera, and an artistic eye, but it would take no money. On the other side, I would market and sell individual photos and groups (words) of photos to fair trade shops and craft fairs in the USA. The subject matter would be unique and meaningful since it would reflect the perspective of someone from the slums of Kenya.

As I continue to mull over this idea, it gets stronger in my head and heart. I have many images to begin the project and even groups in Kenya that would like to start taking the photos and sending. I hope someday soon to make this idea a tangible product that can lift a person out of their situation.


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