Camp is coming!


The Art Camp is coming again! Kids in Kibera slum have looked forward to this annual event for the last two years so far and the artists in Nairobi are excited to continue the tradition. These camps expose children, who have no exposure to the arts in school, to a variety of art forms. In the past years local artists have come together from other communities to teach things such as dance, photography, mural drawing, painting, sketch comedy, card-making, bead work, music, poetry, and fashion.


This camp is free to any child who wants to come, whether their reason is curiosity  artistic passion, or a hungry belly. The cost of art instruction, supplies, and 2 meals per day would be unaffordable to the children in the Kibera community. Because of this, the artists in the community generously give their time and energy to planning and executing this event, while we also look for funds in order to keep this event going on repeat!

As the artists from Kibera have discussed the logistics of the event they have calculated that the total sum, in order to accommodate between 300 and 350 children for three days, would be over 200,000 shillings, which is more than 2,000 dollars. This is a lofty goal to reach in a short time, however my hope and prayer is that they will be able to reach this goal so that the camp is not stretched and strained financially. If we reach a lower goal the artists will adjust their budgets to accommodate a smaller amount of kids.


I will continue to update as dates are decided, however their aim is to have the Kibera Art Camp in April or May so the time is short.

If you are interested in helping, please send a check in the mail to the Center for Transforming Missions. This will make your contribution tax deductible!

Make check out to: The Center for Transforming Mission 
earmark check: Kibera Art Camp 2013
Send Check To: CTM 1121 Tacoma Ave S.
Tacoma, WA 98402 
For Automatic Deposit: Please email Lana Rocke at

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