The Kids in Kibera Will Have Their Camp!


Our artists who taught Kibera’s first annual art camp in 2011!

The challenge of spreading the word through social media has been less challenging than I expected. Is it because people are familiar with this camp from previous years? Is it because the internet reaches more people in a more effective way than if I were to call them or send a letter? Is it because is so conveniently easy if you do want to give, and its safe? I’m guessing the answer is a combination of these three plus more. Though many of the people who have given to this particular camp have surprised me… a new friend who I met when he donated two cameras to the kids in Mathare a few months ago; a man I met on my plane ride when I returned from Kenya in August; my water-skiing professor (there are professors for everything!) in college.. (The list is extensive and diverse!). I have been really really REALLY amazed by the generosity and quick response to this cause. Of course I felt the urgency of this arts ministry for kids in the slums of Nairobi- but I did not realize how many other people would feel nudged to respond.


The dance class presents on the last day, our celebration!

Because of so many people’s generous giving we have now raised 811 dollars for this arts event! This is $711.00 from online giving and 100 from an individual who laid the money right in my hand!

In the next week I will be continuing to communicate with artists in Kenya and you all in US in order to arrange for funding to be sent over and so that we can hopefully raise a bit more (even if it does not meet our ideal goal). Please consider supporting this effort if you haven’t already and please pray for the artists who are working hard to plan this and the kids who will be impacted by it.

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