As Camp Continued…


        During the first two days, the children rotated, and thus were exposed to all four art-forms  On the last two days, each child was able to choose which class they would stick with for the remained of camp. This way the children were exposed to many art forms and then given the chance to develop the artistic skill that most interested them! As the days continued, attendance fluctuated, however the average dropped to  around 300 after the first day. The reason being because, though the camp is free for all, there was an age limit. On the first day about half of the children that showed up were under seven years, which was too young. The camp welcomed all the children on the first day, but had to explain to the little ones that for the remaining camp time, camp would only be for the “older” kids.

On each day of camp the children had two meals per day, receiving tea and mandazi’s (Kenyan-style doughnuts) and then a lunch of rice with a variety of things, depending on the day, including lentils, beans, cabage, potatoes, beef (a rare and special treat!).


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