Camp Kicks Off

DSCF9578 On 1st May 2013 the art camp kicked off at 8:30AM with a very huge turn up of 600 kids. The Celtra staff and teachers registered each child and then divided the children into four classes after having a morning assembly. The children then attended rotated between classes, attending one art class in the morning and then after lunch each child would go to a different class than the one they had previously attended. During morning and afternoon assemblies the children were taught an original camp theme song, which was written by the teachers at the training. Psalm 133 was a thematic scripture passage that the children were exposed to each day. Specifically emphasizing the passage “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”

Each class had distinct strategies towards the same goal of unity:

  • The mural/drawing class learned about Nelson Mandela, a former South African President, and how he brought unity to his country by ending apartheid and taking a stand against racism.
  • The dance class decided on a common song and then incorporated dance movements that communicated unity and togetherness.
  • The drama class preformed a play that taught a lesson about unity within the play.
  • The fashion class taught unity among the boys and girls that participated by showing how non-verbals such as posture, motions, colors, fabrics, accessories and outfits can communicate deeper meanings.

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