Keeping the Momentum


There were strong bonds formed between the camp teachers and staff and the children. Though it was only four days, these days were intense and created a perfect setting for solid relationships to be established. The kids made new friends with their age-mates and also found teachers and staff that they could look up to and trust. It seems like that Celtra staff felt the same way because on the last day of camp, the kids who excelled the most, in each class, were selected to begin a mentorship program. This is a new thing for Celtra to do, but the idea has come out of the desire to stay connected with the children, and not loose the rich opportunity to impact and encourage a child long-term. The children will be mentored in areas of social, spiritual, academic, and life skills.


       Every Saturday afternoon Celtra plans to hold art classes, using the same tools and pathway that initiated the connections with the kids in the first place. In addition to the children coming for weekly art classes, the staff and volunteers of this small arts organization in Kibera will enter into each child’s life outside of Saturdays. School visits and home visits will be intentional ways to deepen the understanding of the needs of each child. To run a weekly program like this, they are beginning to fund-raise on a monthly basis, so that this initiative can be ongoing.


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