Kenya comes out as I go in!

In the middle of June I went to Kenya to visit Shem and some good friends in Kenya and my students. It was a wonderful time to reconnect with people and I realized during my brief two week trip that Kenya will forever be inside of me, and I will also probably be living inside of it! I have more confidence writing this than I have in the past.


When I arrived off of the airplain, Shem met me with a whole flask of hot chai, chocolate, and a big hug and a kiss. I did not get to see him as much as I would have liked during the first week because he was at a film training course, however he made up for this with numerous thoughtful and sweet gifts and spending quality time once he came home.  So I “jipanga”-ed (sorted myself) during the first 5 days.

image (3) image (5)

During these days I…

Visited Kelly, a dear friend and former roommate and now works at an international school in Kenya. We celebrated her birthday while I was there.

Had lunch with a lady that I connected to about 1 year into my time in Kenya and who has constantly spoken encouragement and biblically sound wisdom into my life, over weekly cups of hot chai.

Visited a school, where a friend has begun a ministry to identify and rescue child prostitutes who are in a particular slum area in Nairobi.

Visited my friend Grace and her kids over our mutual favorite Kenyan food… Chapati!

Visited the school I used to teach at and do a project with the students there.

Visit my students at the Inspiration Center and use crayons and watercolors to create a wax-resist painting project.

Have a sleepover with Celmali and Moses, who run the Inspiration Center and are both dear friends.



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