Inspiration Center Holds an Art Camp in Eburru!


This camp was a new experience for Mathare team and the children since this was the first time they had taken the  Art Camp to Eburru. The Eburru weather is windy and cold, which was a different weather from what our kids from Mathare are used to.  The kids were able to learn how to make beads, sculpture, mural, culinary, photography and performance and also attended an hour or two of devotions every day. At the end the students and teachers were  all awarded certificates after participating in the camp.


According to Moses, the Founder of the Inspiration Center, “One of the most captivating moment was taking 105 kids to Lake Naivasha to see the hippos, fish eagles, ducks, monkeys, water-bucks, and gazelles among other wild animals. All the kids we took to the lake had never visited the lake before and enjoyed every moment.”

Another special treat that the  kids enjoyed also was watching movies on a big projector every night. They watched Lion King, Home Alone, and Tangled. Also, the students got to go boating on the lake, which is an activity few had experienced before!



Inspiration Center is now planning to hold an art camp in December, which will include the high school students as well as the younger kids. 










Thank you all for your past, present and future support towards these camps!



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