An opportunity sparked months ago that Shem would intern with talented photographer living in Morocco. Ingrid Pullar  was born in Sweden and is also the New York Times resident photographer in the city of Casablanca.



Though Shem’s expertise is concentrated in moving pictures, when the possibility to learn from this well-established photographer came up, it was a great chance for him to extend his knowledge into another realm through the context of another cultural lens. Plans were set for Shem to work with Ingrid in the month of August, however because of many failed attempts at the Moroccan Embassy, the visa was not granted until September, after the photographer kindly advocated to the Moroccan office of foreign affairs on Shem’s behalf and came back with a letter speckled red with stamps!



On September 8th Shem flew out of the city of Nairobi and landed in Casablanca almost 20 hours later (yes, Africa is a big continent!). From the beginning he was welcomed, exposed to new languages and culture, and given a variety of jobs to work on in Ingrid Pullar’s studio!



Through a variety of work, such as doing a photo shoot for a yoga studio and creating the photographer’s new logo, Shem learned new skills in photography. He was also able to explore the city, Marrakesh, and the Great Atlas Mountains. He commented on enjoying the olives and fresh breads that are usually accompanying a Moroccan meal and also we now plan to plant a lemon tree and an orange tree in the countryside so that we can always have fresh juices, just like in Morocco!


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