About Me

I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya at the beginning of September 2010. For almost two years I worked through an arts relief organization in order to connect artists and children together in sustainable projects in depressed communities (informal settlements surrounding the city). My job involved teaching a children’s art classes in a resource center and a school, networking and mobilizing artists in the informal settlements to connect and work together, developing blogs and websites involving the arts here, and mobilizing artists in order to facilitate at least 3 art camps per year in different around the city.

I returned to Kenya in June 2012 and have since then grappled with cultural readjustments and rebuilding a life that I had been separated from. Though I may look the same as when I left, Kenya changed me permanently. Though I am physically in USA again, my mind has yet to resettle as I drive instead of walk, drink coffee instead of chai, and bundle up in the cold weather. Now I intend to forever be tied to Kenya and though I do not know what that will look like in the future, I would love to continue to share my journey.


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